React Native for iOS, Android and Web

Published on Author Nathan Potter

I recently did a quick evaluation of React Native for development of educational software here at Amplify. The desire was to find a platform where development could be done on iOS, Android and Web with maximum reuse, so a student or teacher could use the software in class on a desktop, as well as at home on a device, and have it feel as if they took the experience with them,

At my last company, Harry Wolf had build a React Native app, but we never intended to take it back to the web. React Native Web offered a solution, but we wanted to see it in action. We also needed to see the Animated package in action, and verify it worked across platforms.

It turns out getting a single project to build on web and iOS is mostly a trick of getting all the React versions right, but seems to work fine. We’ll be doing more work on it in the future, but if it’s something you’re interested in trying you can see the results of my experience as well as instructions to recreate on github.